Top 5 Best Real Estate Management Software in 2023

The business of real estate also requires dealing with many clients and working on large-scale projects. There needs to be a close focus on risk and cost management, which are crucial in the real estate sector. Several times clients want to be included in the whole process while scouting a property. With ProofHub, clients and stakeholders can be kept in the loop by constantly sharing any new developments, holding discussions about leads, assessing their requirements, and much more. Track cost updates and project statuses in real time from anywhere, so you can make smart management decisions. As the ultimate owner and financial backer of any new construction project, you’re responsible for its success—beginning with an idea and ending years or even decades later with a building and the community around it.

  • As a result, cloud-based tools with a subscription-based pricing is easier on the wallet than on-premise solutions, which come with an upfront license fee.
  • Task and subtasks can be allocated to specific members of the team and offering detailed briefings attached to these tasks.
  • We empower businesses to accelerate their growth by helping them find the right software.
  • Automatically add assignees, trigger status updates, change priorities, and more to move tasks through your project workflow.
  • The list of features is highly focused on the demands of this sector, with options to use templates and online forms for the listing of properties, for instance.
  • Businesses buying real estate development software need to understand more than just features to make the right choice.

A good real estate property management software should be equipped with work order management tools. It should not only allow maintenance record filing but also allow you to edit, assign, and track work orders. Rent Manager is property management software designed for residential and commercial real estate properties with portfolios of any size. It offers a complete suite of accounting and reporting, marketing and leasing, business operations, maintenance, and software customization features.

Regain control of your documents.

Also available are barcode and QR code identifiers, while there remains an audit trail to record process changes. Buildium is an Open API, trial-based real estate property management software. The online real estate property management software allows easy integration of essential data with multiple applications. The real estate property software offers to manage numerous properties across the United States from a centralized dashboard.

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If you want to know who closed the most issues you can check the user-based task completion reports to understand the work-hour split among your team members. The issue tracking feature helps automate repetitive issue status updates and alerts the right people at the right time. With this feature, you can get detailed reports of issues and create custom views for them based on your project needs. Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate, along with Sage Paperless Construction, provides you with greater control of your documents and a clean audit trail, therefore reducing your risk. Organize, store, and route all versions of drawings, RFIs, invoices, lease agreements, contracts, and more to keep your business moving. Automate field reporting, and easily schedule employees, equipment, and subcontractors.

Best Real Estate Development Software In 2022 (Top Tools)

Users can configure separate workspaces for varied projects, and users of the free version can have up to five team members per workspace. The free version also allows users access to time tracking and issue reporting tools. An included 100mb of storage space allows users to share relevant documents and files with the team. Users of the free version will find it helpful in keeping tabs on all relevant aspects of a project as it takes shape.

real estate project management software

In such cases, a cloud-based tool where the vendor takes care of software maintenance is more preferable than an on-premise solution, in which the company has to manage data storage and software maintenance. Likewise, if you’re a developer who also needs to manage the property post-construction, then you needproperty softwarefor maintenance management, tracking tenant details, lease dates and collecting rents. These buyers are typically evaluating real estate development solutions for the first time. Hence, they would be primarily concerned with software costs, rather than checking out specific features. To find your ideal software match, you need information you can trust—so you can save time, stay on budget, and focus more energy on growing your business.

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Innago is a free cloud-based software designed to help real estate managers and landlords collect rent payments, sign leases, and screen tenants online. However, charges are applicable as and when online payments are made or when tenant background checks are conducted. A day in the life of a real estate project manager can vary widely, since they often handle multiple projects concurrently. Multi-tasking, communication skills, time management, collaborating with multiple stakeholders, grace under pressure, and analysis are musts. Project management is a growing field, and professionals employ it interchangeably across many industries.

real estate project management software

These are some boxes you should tick before finalizing any software solution. If you’re planning to manage a real estate project, or pursue work in the field, you’ll need to know some basic technology, Gillian advises. Generally, if you can work with spreadsheets and scheduling technology and use mobile apps, then you can adapt to workplace software programs designed for real estate environments. Even contractors and construction workers are now required to use virtual “notes” systems instead of more analog methods to alert team members about work site happenings.

GanttPRO is an easy-to-use project management tool based on Gantt Charts that can help you manage all kinds of real estate projects and teams from different spheres. Pendo is a real estate project management solution for property managers who manage between one to 100 properties. Customer safety is a top priority in the real estate property management industry. Real estate property software inducts several features that verify tenant details and, simultaneously, insure the property. You can now perform property management much easier thanks to the softwares that are indicated above.

Examples of these are the generation of financial reports, budget allocation, communications with stakeholders and payment management. As a result, you can use it to perform bank account transfers when required. Buildium makes all these capabilities possible through an intuitive dashboard. Capable of capturing and recording online payments, this software can be used at no cost through a limited-period demo trial.


Rentec Direct saves your time from unqualified tenants by initiating robust and reliable credit reports via TransUnion, nationwide criminal reports, and eviction reports. Hemlane is a web-based tool, optimized for use in mobile web browsers as well. Takeoff is the process of determining how much material is needed to complete your project.

real estate project management software

A project manager is a person who brings all the disparate pieces of a project together, ensuring that the different phases of work are completed efficiently and within a predefined budget. Sometimes a project manager isn’t designated or given a title, but the work of a project manager is completed under someone’s purview within an organization or given project. Real estate project managers use the task management feature to manage multiple projects by breaking them into tasks, subtasks, task lists, and milestones. It gives them the ability to assign roles and due dates to team members while overseeing everyone’s progress. Procore is a real estate project management system that provides end-to-end business tools specifically tailored to cater to the needs of the Real Estate and Construction industries with innovative technology. NTask is project management software that can help you streamline your real estate project planning, financial summaries, resource management, and manage your project deliverables with ease.

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The online real estate property management software supports four different properties. Also, it provides all the traditional tools for real estate property management, viz. Rental analytics, maintenance tracking, 1099 e-filing, streamlined onboarding, rental insurance eLease management, and much more. Right away, it promises automated communication and reminders – rent, maintenance, lease/rent agreement expiration, etc.

Construction and property management tailored for your needs.

You deserve a platform that gives you control—bringing together the people, the finances, and all the moving parts into one place. TurboTenant’s online rent payment module helps you to collect rent conveniently. It also sends timely reminders via email to ensure that rent is received on time.

The software you choose can make a monumental difference in your success when analyzing development projects. Build a centralized file repository, that provides version control and allows teams to share and retrieve relevant project documentation such as change orders, contracts, RFIs real estate project management software etc. Conduct automated profit and loss calculations, create project budget, monitor accounts payable/receivable and track invoices/billing. What becomes an administrative nightmare is when SMBs manage these responsibilities using cumbersome manual methods, such as Excel sheets.

Software budget.The pricing of software is a primary concern for small business real estate developers. As a result, cloud-based tools with a subscription-based pricing is easier on the wallet than on-premise solutions, which come with an upfront license fee. Does your shortlisted real estate management software offer training modules and a knowledge base for users?

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Projects in the real estate industry may vary from renovation projects that require detailed planning to a complicated deal that involves skilful negotiation. Project management in real estate industry covers planning, schedule management, resource management, collaboration and stakeholder relations management. The way to tackle this is by using real estate development software that helps small developers manage their work more efficiently. „ClickUp’s integral approach… combines project management, task management, lists with calculated fields, gantt charts, mind maps, timesheets, email and context focused chat all into a single application.“

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Avail is a cloud-based real estate property management software designed for independent landlords to find, screen, and maintain tenants. It publishes your property on popular rental sites such as Zillow, Trulia, Walkscore, and You can quickly manage leads from these rental listings by responding to potential clients, in-person coordination, and virtual meetings. You can share your property listing on social media platforms such as Facebook to increase your reach. Document management tools allow ClickUp users to create wikis and edit documents in-application, letting your team build a knowledge base. Chat features allow users to collaborate on documents or tasks without leaving the application.